Hoffmann (Four Female Leads), Greek National Opera Athens, December 2022

Athens Voice

“But the real revelation of the show was the American soprano Nicole Chevalier, Stella, Olympia, Antonia, Juliet! With an incredible ability to create very distinct vocal personalities, she made each role her own, passing with ease and persuasiveness from one character to another. Flawless, precise in timing and a great sense of humor, she transformed into a sex robot in a pink dress and as Olympia hilariously sang the famous doll’s aria, Les oiseaux dans la charmille, in a coloratura soprano voice. A little later, as Antonia, she unfolded with inwardness and passion all her lyrical timbres, to portray the woman who can only give everything, even her life, to her art, while in the dramatic role of Juliet, the seductive, sensual voice of a mezzo-soprano emerged to perform in the opening of the fourth act, together with Muse/Nicklaus the dreamy boatman Belle Nuit, ô nuit d’amour. The barrage of applause and kudos that accompanied her bowing at the end of the show only sealed her triumph” (unedited google translation from Greek original)

Iefimerida (web)

“THE SOPRANO PHENOMENON (…) Hoffman’s Tales with the overwhelming power of the stage presence of American soprano Nicole Chevalier (…) But as the story unfolds and the first woman, Olympia, appears on stage when she begins to move and sing in a seductive delirium of singing, laryngisms, muscle spasms, dressed in pink like Britney Spears, you barely hold on not to applaud when she closes her mouth. It is, of course, soprano Nicole Chevalier” (unedited google translation from Greek original)


“Equally convincing dramatically, but even more complete vocally, sounded the American dramatic coloratura soprano Nicole Chevalier” (unedited google translation from Greek original)

Efsyn (Editor’s Newspaper

“Seeing (…) and American soprano Nicole Chevalier (Stella, Olympia, Antonia, Giulietta) inhabit the lead roles was a truly intoxicating experience – what with their formidable, radiant and robust voices, exquisite singing technique, compelling stage presence, and captivating acting!” (unedited google translation from Greek original)

Der Neue Merker (web)

“und Nicole Chevalier in den vier Frauenrollen sind hervorragende Sängerdarsteller, die das Konzept der Inszenierung bravourös umsetzen (…) Chevalier erstaunt mit grosser stimmlicher Wandlungsfähigkeit, die von Koloratur und Triller bis hin zum dramatischen Aufschwung reicht”